Alumni Get-Together Registration


Once again our school has opened its doors for our annual December reunion. December 21st promises to be the best day for reuniting with your childhood, your school days, revisiting those spaces held sacred in our hearts!

We start the afternoon with a Grand fete. Those stalls we excitedly visited, trying our skills with hoops and tennis balls, the lucky dips, the music request stall, relishing the ever popular bun samosas, the ice cream !

We have all this and much more laid out, to refresh our spirits and renew our memories. The energetic day will slip quietly into the even grander Gala Dinner, to strengthen the old school bonds, toasting childhood friendships and creating more special memories for us all to cherish.

Let us all reconnect on this, our Alumni day and make it as special as it really is !

To Greater Heights.

The event schedule is as follows:

21st December 2019:

Grand Fete, Interaction, Fun Games and Food @ Cambrian Hall Grounds 10 am onwards
Gala Dinner @ The Mainwaring Auditorium 7:30 PM onwards
Please buy your tickets at Cambrian Hall. Mainwaring Auditorium from 7:30pm onwards.