Alumni Interview
Satinder P S Chadha
My life in Cambrian Hall & TO GREATER HEIGHTS
Sixty years is a long time in one’s life but I distinctively remember every day of my life in this great school with the motto To Greater Heights . I was born in Calcutta in 1947 where my father was working in a Senior Govt. position .Around 1949 he was posted to Dehra Dun in the MES .Unfortunately he developed cancer the same year and died in 1950 .Before my father passed away my mother promised to give the best possible education to his daughter and son .At this stage my mother was left with nothing .
In 1952 I was admitted in St . Joseph’s Academy but I felt lost in the big environment of St. Joseph’s Academy .My mother had a very close friendship with the Edward Sisters and their brother Morris Edward who persuaded my mother to move me to a new school which was being opened at 12 Lytton Road by Major and Mrs Mainwaring so this is how I came to Cambrian Hall. I remember there was no other student when I joined the LKG .I can still see Aunty Mainwaring’s office and her desk and the class room in the Palace at 12 Lytton Road . My mother could not afford the fee and the Mainwaring’s took me in without charging any fee .

I was not a good student nor a sportsperson but Aunty Mainwaring loved me having said that when I misbehaved I was given the ‘ best of three ‘ like any other student .

The good reputation of the School was spreading far and wide and soon the School was shifted to the bigger Palace at 13 Young Road .

Major Mainwaring had already sensed that my mother would have difficulties meeting the bus fare hence he assured my mother that he would personally take me in his car .This happened for few months and the school bought its first bus with Allan as the driver and then many more buses were added to the fleet .

I still remember when the first artwork of the school badge was drawn with Khukri coming out of the Mountains and motto reading To Greater Heights .

After some time all the eighth and ninth class students were asked to move to other schools as Cambrian Hall had decided not to be recognised for conducting Senior Cambridge Exams .

I then joined a local college and thereafter got my Commission in the Army .It was a very difficult decision for my widow mother as I was the only son .She had wanted me to become an Engineer like my late father but I had my schooling in a military environment and that is what I wanted to be .

After few years I left the Army as a Captain and came to England .I also established a Factory in Delhi where at one time we were employing nearly eight hundred workers but now we are narrowing down the business .

In latter years I was constantly in contact with Aunty Mainwaring in New Zealand and found something missing when one day I received a letter from David informing me that Mrs. Mainwaring had passed away.

I now look back and sometimes think if it had not been for the Edward sisters and their brother Morris I would never have been brought in touch with Major and Mrs. Mainwaring and could not have been a product of such a great institution The Cambrian Hall.

I am sure my special treatment in Cambrian Hall was in the knowledge of Col.Shashi Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana the founder of this great School.

When ever I get a chance I try to go to North Wales and silently salute the Great rugged Cambrian Mountain .It is my homage to Major Mainwaring who came from here and truly coined the motto To Greater Heights.

Few years ago my Regiment The Sikh Light Infantry came first in a competition ( I think it was the Commonwealth Military Competition ) to cross the Cambrian Mountains in full military gear. It was a delight to explain to my Regimental Officers about the name Cambrian Hall .All of them had heard about the school due to their training in IMA but the history was a bit of news for them .
There are lessons in this article for everyone namely :

For Students never mind if you are economically weak or poor in studies or not good in sports .Don’t feel inferior there is hope for you but you must do what you want to do in your life .Be determined and you will succeed .

For teachers never let a child feel inferior he ay develop in latter life .

For Principal Study the potential of the child like Aunty Mainwaring .Do not discard him/ her even if he / she is good for nothing as I was .

For the Parents set an example to your children .Trust in God and hard work and only hard work will get your child somewhere .Never impose your will on the child to follow a specific career .Let him / her choose their way in life although your advise should always be there .Never shield your child when he has done something wrong .

There is no lesson for the Rana Family as they already know their forefather Col. Shashi Shamsher Jung Bahadur’s foresight vision .