Cambrian Hall
Alumni Association

Cambrian Hall Alumni Association also called as CHAA was formally registered in the winter of 2016. Alumni organization was formed to bring all the Cambrinaites from various batches under one umbrella and have a formal relationship with the alma mater Cambrian Hall, Dehradun.

CHAA is a not for profit organzation that does various work throughout the year which includes:

  • Annual Alumni meet on second weekend of the month of December
  • Award scholarship to meritorious students at Cambrian Hall
  • Raise funds to support various infrastructure and other welfare activities for Cambrian Hall and Cambrianites family.

Alumni initiatives

Ever since the inception of CHAA, we have taken various initiatives for the betterment of the school Cambrian Hall, reaching out to Cambrianites community members throughout the globe, social cause during the 2 years of COVID, engaging with ex teachers and making them part of social events.

Our Events

CHAA has an annual Alumni meet. This is being successfully hosted since 2016 every year (except COVID years). This is held at Cambrian Hall, Dehradun school campus.

CHAA is in the process to set up local alumni chapters in India and around the world. At the moment we have one overseas chapter in United Kingdom. We’ve had four ¬†CHAA, UK chapter meetings since 2016 in London.

The chapters meet regularly for social occasions, large and small, and to welcome newcomers to their geographical region.

Kind words from our teachers